About us

Argonauts is Greece’s biggest and best-established production team. Since 2003, we’ve been producing and co-producing films and TV that expand how people see the world.

We’re a leading force in Greek media. Our founder, Panos Papahadzis, is a long-standing and influential figure, well known as the head of the Hellenic Producers’ Association (SΑPOE) and the producer of more than 60 feature films and TV series.

With a 12-strong full-time team covering all areas of production and post-production, we have the breadth of expertise, the depth of experience, and the flexibility to make a success of every project.

  • 17 debut films
    (first-time directors)
  • 80% of films developed
    by Argonauts are financed

We finance and create our own films and TV drama series

We co-produce with leading international production companies, working with visionary directors

We provide full production services for international film and TV companies

Whatever our level of involvement, we embrace every project as if it’s our own. With dozens of projects behind us and decades of experience between us, we’ve weathered every storm and delivered successful productions every time.

Our Sustainability Ambitions

We’re taking action towards a more inclusive and equitable industry and society, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Gender equality:

    employing more women professionals in all creative and technical positions

  • Green shooting and
    sustainable productions:

    reducing our carbon footprint and implementing greener regulations suggested by international institutions

  • Diversity, representation
    and inclusion:

    creating stories with strong, bold characters from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups


Panos Papahadzis

Panos Papahadzis CEO, Producer

A prolific producer of feature films and TV series and documentaries, Panos is known throughout the Greek industry for his passion and commitment to inclusion.

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IMG 8578

Foteini Katsali Scriptwriter, Creative Producer

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Marios Karamanis

Marios Karamanis Director / Production Supervisor

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