A Bee in August

A bee in August will be the reason for Haris’ worst nightmare! His Other Half! An idyllic, secluded beach which cannot be reached except by boat, Haris and his wife Vassoula, his half-sister Hildegard, and his mistress Maria. Everything is going just fine on this beautiful August morning until Haris, who is allergic to bee stings, gets stung! He immediately swells up and looks like a completely different person. His allergic swollen alter ego will claim a place for himself between him, his wife and his girlfriend, mixing emotions, revealing secrets and causing panic!

Directed by
Thodoris Atheridis
Thodoris Atheridis
Smaragda Karydi
Antonis Loudaros
Vicky Volioti
Yorgos Kormanos
Alina Kotsovoulou,
Guest Star: Yorgos Kimoulis