By co-producing with a range of international partners, we expand the reach of new film and TV productions – bringing the work of visionary directors to life for a wide audience.

We work with leading international production companies, equally at home as majority or minority co-producer. As well as standard co-production financing structures, Argonauts can act as the Greek distributor, investing against Greek rights.

Partner with Argonauts

An experienced Greek production partner

We have a proven track record of success as a co-producer.

Greek funding

Successfully sourced Greek funding for numerous co-productions, including Greek Film Center, local broadcasters, distributors, private investors, EKOME cash rebate, and tax relief

International co-productions

Co-produced more than 15 successful feature films and TV series with countries including France, Germany, Canada, Belgium, China, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Cyprus, North Macedonia and the UK. Argonauts regularly accesses additional funding from pan-European bodies including Eurimages and Creative Europe

Domestic and global distribution

Negotiated international distribution with leading sales companies, including NEON, Pluto, The Match Factory and HBO Europe, and domestic distribution in Greece

Festival acceptances

Regularly premieres at leading international film festivals including Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Busan and Rotterdam

EKOME cash rebate

To support film and TV production in Greece, the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication (EKOME) offers an attractive 40% cash rebate with a generous qualifying spend.

Available for feature films, documentaries and television series

Includes pre-production, production and post-production spend, and foreign crew

Straightforward process, electronically monitored

Rebate paid a maximum of 6 months from last day of principal photography

In addition, a Tax Relief Program provides a tax exemption of 30% for investments in domestic productions (through the same procedure as the cash rebate). This program can be used in combination with the cash rebate, reaching up to 50% of a project’s total production cost.

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