Straight Story

Yannis and Sophia have the misfortune… to fall in love! Their parents suffer multiple strokes, their neighbors change sidewalk when meeting them, older people demand the closure of bars they visit and all society, without exception, wants to get rid of them and their peers. Why is this nascent relationship treated as a crime? What is its ‘defect’…? They are straight! Yannis and Sophia had the bad luck… to be born in a world different from ours, where normal is falling in love, marrying and having families with people of the same sex. Families consist only of moms or dads and anyone who dares to argue that there are cases where opposites attract, goes into a ‘black’ list! You haven’t yet made sense of relationships as they are? Wait till you see them…in reverse!

Directed by
Efi Mouriki
Christos Hadzipanagiotis
Vladimiros Kyriakidis
Anthimos Ananiadis
Kanellina Menouti
Meni Konstantinidou
Christos Giannaris
Thodoris Atheridis
Alekos Syssovitis
Elissavet Konstantinidou