Roza of Smyrna

Izmir 1922: Young Roza, the child of a wealthy family, is preparing to get married. Athens 1987: Roza lives with her granddaughter Mariana. She carries a well-kept secret that she does not want to share with anyone. But the passion of a collector, Dimitris, leads him to the coast of Asia and more specifically to the footsteps of enigmatic Roza. An old photo and a wedding dress is enough to reject an old love story for a new one to be born. The smell of the antique shops, the charm of the trips, the challenge of the mystery, the power of love in past and present, create the atmosphere and the journey of the heroes in Athens. Izmir and Istanbul to discover that people’s short stories are the ones that create great History.

Directed by
Giorgos Kordellas
Tasos Nousias
Evgenia Dimitropoulou
Leda Protopsalti
Yılmaz Gruda
Yulika Skafida
Petros Lagoutis
Cem Aksakal
Haris Emmanouil
Kostas Kazanas
Aysan Sümercan
Giannis Thomas
Penny Agorastou