Other Half

What is the true story of Adam and Eve? What was the role of Toula in the creation of the world? Is it true that God created us in “pairs”? How far will we go until we find our other half? Faidon and Vicky never wondered about all that. Successful couples’ therapists, husband and wife, they preached the affirmative belief that our ideal pair is made, not found. That is until they met a couple different than the rest. A couple that doesn’t fit in the categories “healthy” or “problematic”. A couple like a fist… For the first time, Vicky and Faidon see how far their “successful” marriage is from a truly compatible one. How late is it to turn their lives around? An old carbine, a twisted religion class, a cynical fish, many post-its and a capuchin’s costume, will represent their views. However, one thing is for sure: a relationship needs work if it is to be saved.

Directed by
Vaggelis Seitanides
Vladimiros Kyriakidis
Katerina Papoutsaki
Dafni Labrogianni
Krateros Katsoulis
Guest: Yannis Zouganelis,