“Siege on Liperti Street” by Stavros Pamballis was announced as the winner of five (5) awards in the closing ceremony of the 60th Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

The Cypriot director’s film that both critics and audience loved, won the following awards:

-International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) for a film in the Greek Film Festival 2019 section (premiere)
-The Greek Film Critics Association (PEKK) Award
-The Fischer Audience Award for the Greek Film Festival 2019 section – Michael Cacoyannis Award

– First Award accompanied by a 3.000-euro cash prize for the Fisher Award Winner
-Second Award accompanied by a 2.000-euro cash prize for the FIPRESCI’s Award greek winner

The 60th Thessaloniki International Film Festival closing ceremony hosted by Marissa Triantafyllidou (actress) and Thodoris Koutsogiannopoulos (film critic), took place on Sunday, November 10th, at a packed Olympion theater, in a festive ambience. The leading actress of “Siege on Liperti Street” Daphne Alexander received the awards and expressed the hope that this distinction “will make us share the film with a larger audience.”

“Siege on Liperti Street” with Constantine Markoulakis and Daphne Alexander in the leading roles tells the story of a greek-cypriot family which lost everything during the financial crisis, except for the roof over their heads. The day that claims even this, has come. This time though, they decide to fight back, like a family that has absolutely nothing left to lose….

Five (5) new feature films of Argonauts Productions got the green light from ERT S.A as their funding was approved following a unanimous official decision of its Board of Directors.

The films that secured financial support regarding the Domestic / International Co-Production category are the following:

“Detouched House” by Ioakim Mylonas: 90.000 euros
“The Woman With The Gun” by Giorgos Servetas: 80.000 euros
“Behind The Haystacks” by Asimina Proedrou: 80.000 euros
“Graffiti Stories” by Antonis Kokkinos: 70.000 euros
“The Journey” by Fiona Shaw: 100.000 euros

After 33 shooting days in several locations is Athens, the director and crew farewelled the fictional world of the”Tailor”.

The “Tailor” is a personal feature film depicting the financial crisis of Greece. It is the story of a great tailor, Nikos, who lives and works for the family tailor shop: a dead business really, ghost of a long forgotten aristocracy of the ‘60’s, that his father built. Although no clients ever shows up, Nikos continues to sew away, trapped in a haunted past, until the day his father falls ill and the bank threatens with the confiscation of the shop, the only world that is left standing for him.

Αs in all fictional tales, the light comes after the greatest darkness. Nikos, amidst the absolute collapse of his universe, throws himself into the fight, with all the might of his soul. He is reborn from his ashes and is declared the big winner.

The film is a co-production of Greece, Belgium and Germany.

Director: Sonia Liza Kenterman / Producer: Ioanna Bolomyti /Script: Sonia Liza Kenterman, Tracy Sunderland / Co-producers: Tanja Georgieva, Melanie Andernach, Isabelle Truc / Executive Producer: Panos Papahadzis / Photography: Giorgos Michelis / Editing: Dimitris Peponis / Production Design: Penelope Valti, Dafni Koutra / Wardrobe: Julie Lebrun / Sound: Dinos Kittou, / Line Producing: Giannis Karantanis / Make up: Claudia Goetz / With: Dimitris Imellos, Tamilla Koulieva, Thanassis Papageorgiou, Stathis Stamoulakatos, Dafni Michopoulou, Productions: Argonauts Productions SA / In co-production with: Elemag Pictures, Made in Germany, IOTA Production, ΕΡΤ ΑE / With the support of: Eurimages, Greek Film Center, MDM, Film- Und Medienstiftung NRW, Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles, MEDIA Creative Europe / World Sales: Pluto (DE)

“Feel the World” is a Chinese tv program, where Chinese celebrities travel around the world and present its beautiful gems.

The first episode was organized and filmed in Greece, particularly on the islands Kefalonia and Santorini.

Famous Chinese celebrity Dilraba Dilmurati is the celebrity that presents this episode. Argonauts Productions undertook the preparation of the project and the production services while on locations. A great combination of chinese and greek crew resulted to a beautiful filming experience both for the producers as well as the locals of the two islands. With the help of the local authorities as well as the simple people, we managed to create a most idyllic world for the chinese audience to watch and admire.

The show airs on one of the most famous chinese platforms Weibo and the chinese television.

Production Services: Argonauts Productions SA
Producer: Beijing Better Life Culture Media CO, LTD

With the collaboration of National Geographic, Municipality of Ilias and the Εphorate of Antiquities of Ilia we have completed the filming of Ancient Olympia site.

In specific, National Geographic’s platform World Heritage Journeys has included Ancient Olympia as one of the ancient sites of Europe one must definitely visit.

Argonauts Productions was in charge of the production. The shooting took place in April, where the trees and the flowers were in full bloom in the area of Olympia, adding to the beauty of this magical place. Filming involved all outdoor ancient sites, the two museums, as well as the environment of the area and the modern town of Olympia.

We are very proud to present the following video:

At the 21st Thessaloniki documentary film festival (1-10 March 2019) is officially selected the documentary “Behind the Wall” directed by Nefeli Sarri.

“Behind the wall” is a documentary on Dimitris Papaioannou, the Greek director, choreographer, performer, visual artist, but it isn’t a typical artist’s portrait. By following the preparation of his most mysterious and essential work, called “Still Life“, the film focuses on his vision and philosophy, his working method and routine, his dedicated collaborators. “Behind the wall” draws a parallel between the creative process and the myth of Sisyphus, pointing out that life and work of great artists are symbiotic.

“Behind the Wall” is produced by Argonauts Productions S.A., in co-production with ERT S.A., powered by Onassis Culture & the support of Flunet Productions.

The film will be screened in terms of the section “The artist is present” of this year’s Thessaloniki documentary film festival, where also the official premiere of the film will take place!

Screening Schedule:

Stavros Tornes, – Thursday 7 March 20:30
Pavlos Zannas, – Friday 8 March 15:15

Find the Official trailer here.

At the 41st Clermont-Ferrand FF, the biggest Short Film Festival, the film “Patision Avenue” (Leoforos Patision) by Thanasis Neofotistos won 3 prizes: the best film prize by Canal+ (PrixCanal+), the Special Jury Prize and a nomination for the European Film Awards while at the same time the film received excellent reviews and charmed the audience!

It’s also worth mentioning that the festival received 9.238 submissions for 2019, while official selections were only 78! Among these exceptional film, competition was great, giving the prizes even greater value.

Patision Avenue”, the demanding long-take shot in the center of Athens, about a woman who faces the biggest dilemmas of her life, continues steadily the excellent performance after its world premiere in 75th Mostra of Venice and with already 18 official selections and 5 big prizes from International Festivals!

Next stop of the film is the prestigious Short Film Festival of Tampere (49th Tampere IFF) and the Dresden International Film Festival (31st Dresden IFF)!

At the 41st ClermontFerrand, the biggest short film festival in the world, Greece will be represented by the film “Patision Avenue” directed by Thanasis Neofotistos and produced by Argonauts Productions. It’s also worth mentioning that for 2019 the festival had 9.238 film submissions while participants will be only 78!

“Patision Avenue”, the demanding long-take shot in the center of Athens, about a woman who faces the biggest dilemmas of her life, was called by «Sight & Sound» magazine by BFI, a TECHNICAL MARVEL!

Thanasis’ Neofotistos film continues steadily the excellent performance, only 3 months after its world premiere in 75th Mostra of Venice and with already 15 official selections and 2 big prizes from International Festivals!

The 41st Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival will take place from 02 to 09 February 2019 in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Patision Avenue directed by Thanasis Neofotistos continues blazing an exquisite and wide path across the world map, following the great performance during Venice Film Festival, leaving a great aftertaste to critics and audience.

Patision Avenue participates, competes, wins but above all: impresses and stands out!

The Festival Route:

  1. Athens – Start
  2.  75th Venice Film Festival – Official Selection, World Premiere
  3.  Heart of Gold (Australia) – Official Selection
  4.  47th FNC Du Nouveau Cinema MontrealOfficial Selection
  5.  54th Chicago International Film Festival – Official Selection
  6.  20th Hollywood Film FestivalBest World Short 2018
  7.  6th Bosphorus Film FestivalBest International Short Fiction Film
  8.  59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival – National Premiere
  9.  16th Tirana Film FestivalOfficial Selection
  10.  22nd PÖFF Shorts | Black Nights Film FestivalOfficial Selection

Gao Xiaosong, a well-known Chinese host of the successful platform Youku and also musician, composer, producer, director and executive of the Alibaba Group was in Greece for shootings in terms of his talk show “Morning Call” which is hosted in Youku platform.

Gao will present Greece to the Chinese audience as his first stop out of a series of episodes in terms of his show about Mediterranean Countries. Celebrating the 6th anniversary of the show, they are aiming to present and showcase the ancient Greek culture but also its evolution through time until the modern Greece of nowadays, through the customs, the monuments and the cultural expression.

The shootings, organized by Argonauts Productions S.A., took place in Attica, Santorini and Crete, where Gao was met with politicians, scientists, artists and entrepreneurs of Greece.