Argonauts is always looking for new ideas for films, TV programs and new media. If you want to send us your proposal to be evaluated you must first read and accept the terms bellow.

Argonauts accepts only proposals and scripts submitted via the form bellow. Proposals sent by e-mail will not be accepted and will not be evaluated.

  1. You declare that you are the absolute owner of intellectual property rights of the proposal you are submitting or that you legally represent the creator, and with the present you declare that you do not infringe on any third party rights.
  2. Argonauts did not ask for this specific proposal. It is submitted with your own initiative because you are interested in cooperating with Argonauts.
  3. You agree that you will not be compensated for submitting your proposal.
  4. If interested in your proposal, Argonauts will contact you within a month from the date of your submission to further discuss it. A non-reply after this period is considered a rejection of your proposal. If there is an agreement to take you up on your proposal, Argonauts will sign an agreement with you for further development of the project for cinema, TV or new media. In this case only, Argonauts will discuss with you the possibility of a compensation and/or fee for you.
  5. Your submission is not confidential. Argonauts holds the right to discuss your proposal with its employees or partners in order to evaluate it.
  6. Argonauts has its own project development section for all audiovisual media. Some of the projects or scripts on which Argonauts is working on might be similar to your script or your proposal, and with the present, you agree that you will not have any demands against Argonauts.