Everything Is Gonna Be All Right

An illegal couple, Fanis and Gina, get enticed by Miltiadis, Gina’s official fiancée, into going through with a strange kidnapping. The plan is to kidnap the corrupt, hot shot lawyer, Giotis Mathiopoulos, a plan that will be turned up-side down when instead of him, the amateur bandit group, kidnap with his aunt Elenitsa; unaware that Mathiopoulos wanted to get rid of her at any cost! The consequences will bring them both many fights and funny incidents, as they slowly realize their “victim” is not so ordinary. Aunt Elenitsa’ s special talents will get them in big troubles, but also give their lives a surprising spin!

Directed by
Yiannis Xanthopoulos
Efi Papatheodorou
Akis Sakellariou
Fay Xyla
Orfeas Avgoustidis
Dimitris Piatas
Takis Chryssikakos
Dimitris Kotzias