Erotas Fygas

The love of Markos, a car mechanic, and Alexandra, a tailor, which begins in Athens in 1955 with the most simple, everyday and auspicious prospects, ends up being the cause of a huge confrontation somewhere in Messinia, in a rural area with large farms. The whole region is shocked by the war that breaks out because of this love. An honor killing brings the couple to a remote province. They hide in a large farm as land workers. No one knows they are a couple. This leads to misunderstandings and the prospect of wrong relationships. Intrigues and underground feuds are born. The lord of the area, Iasonas Demertzis, falls passionately in love with Alexandra. When she loses Marco, who is convicted of murder, he marries her, unaware that she is pregnant. Markos, coming out of prison, sets a goal in his life to take revenge. To achieve this he will manage to become as powerful as his opponent. The war between them will be war to the end. When dreams are shattered and when the innocent are wronged, then revenge is the only way…

Directed by
Vasilis Tselemegkos, Panagiotis Portokalakis
Pemi Zouni
Antonis Karystinos
Dani Giannakopoulou
Stavros Svigos
and Stavros Zalmas as Stefanos Paraschos
Efi Papatheodorou as Grandma Athina

Gerasimos Gennatas
Maria Konstantaki
Marianna Polychroniadi
Kostas Kappas
Κostas Kazanas
Areti Paschali
Leonidas Kalfagiannis
Lily Tsasmatzoglou
Maria Kavoukidou
Denia Mimerini
Chrysa Klouva