Chinese production “Feel the World” has been completed

“Feel the World” is a Chinese tv program, where Chinese celebrities travel around the world and present its beautiful gems.

The first episode was organized and filmed in Greece, particularly on the islands Kefalonia and Santorini.

Famous Chinese celebrity Dilraba Dilmurati is the celebrity that presents this episode. Argonauts Productions undertook the preparation of the project and the production services while on locations. A great combination of chinese and greek crew resulted to a beautiful filming experience both for the producers as well as the locals of the two islands. With the help of the local authorities as well as the simple people, we managed to create a most idyllic world for the chinese audience to watch and admire.The show airs on one of the most famous chinese platforms Weibo and the chinese television.

Production Services: Argonauts Productions SA
Producer: Beijing Better Life Culture Media CO, LTD

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