“Behind the Wall” by Nefeli Sarri is officially selected at the 21st Thessaloniki documentary film festival!

At the 21st Thessaloniki documentary film festival (1-10 March 2019) is officially selected the documentary “Behind the Wall” directed by Nefeli Sarri.

“Behind the wall” is a documentary on Dimitris Papaioannou, the Greek director, choreographer, performer, visual artist, but it isn’t a typical artist’s portrait. By following the preparation of his most mysterious and essential work, called “Still Life“, the film focuses on his vision and philosophy, his working method and routine, his dedicated collaborators. “Behind the wall” draws a parallel between the creative process and the myth of Sisyphus, pointing out that life and work of great artists are symbiotic.

“Behind the Wall” is produced by Argonauts Productions S.A., in co-production with ERT S.A.,  powered by Onassis Culture & the support of Flunet Productions.

The film will be screened in terms of the section “The artist is present” of this year’s Thessaloniki documentary film festival, where also the official premiere of the film will take place!

Screening Schedule:

Stavros Tornes, – Thursday 7 March 20:30
Pavlos Zannas, – Friday 8 March 15:15

Find the Official trailer here.

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