Argonauts Productions is a production company based in Athens, Greece, founded in 2003 by producer Panos Papahadzis, who is also the managing director. In 2010 Maria Tsigka joined the company as a producer, partner and member of the Board of directors.

At Argonauts, we produce films we love, with talents we feel passionate about. We approach each project with care and persistence on detail, tailored to meet its specific needs.

Since the company was founded, it has collaborated with major distributors in Greece (Prooptiki, Audiovisual, Feelgood), it has steadily received funding from public funds and financing from private sources. The company’s producers are present in the biggest international markets and festivals, and participate in the major co-production platforms, sustaining an extensive network of international partners.

Over the years Argonauts has produced 15 feature films, international co-productions and TV series. Our films were successful both in acclaimed international festivals (2004: “REAL LIFE”, by Panos Koutras, presented at the Toronto Film Festival | 2006: “SOUL KICKING” by Yannis Economides, premiered at the 45th International Critics Week in Cannes | 2010: “IN THE WOODS” by Angelos Frantzis, premiered at the 2010 International Film Festival Rotterdam | 2010 “KNIFER”, by Yannis Economides, premiered in the 2010 Pusan Film Festival, won 7 awards from the Hellenic Film Academy) and were domestic box office hits (2006: “EXTENDED PLAY” by Yannis Xanthopoulos, 380.000 admissions | 2006: “STRAIGHT STORY”, by Vladimiros Kyriakides and Efi Mouriki, 400.000 admissions | 2007: “A BEE IN AUGUST”, directed by Thodoris Atheridis, 320.000 admissions | 2009: “THE HEIRESS”, directed by Panayiotis Fafoutis, 310.000 admission). In 2011 Argonauts co-produced with Unutma Beni Istanbul Film (Turkey) the omnibus film “DO NOT FORGET ME ISTANBUL” directed by Hany Abu-Assad, Stefan Arsenijevic, Aida Begic, Josefina Markarian, Eric Nazarian, Stergios Niziris, Omar Shargawi. Argonauts also handled the line producing of FUGITIVE PIECES (2007) by Jeremy Podeswa, produced by Robert Lantos with Panos Papahadzis as a co-producer.

The company’s latest production, “STRATOS”/”TO MIKRO PSARI” (by Yannis Economides, a co-production with Faliro House Productions S.A., The Match Factory Productions, Y.E. Films Ltd and Feelgood Entertainment S.A., PT-NERIT S.A., Cyprus Ministry of Culture, with the support of Eurimages, Greek Film Centre and Film-Und Medienstiftung NRW. International Sales: The Match Factory) had its world premiere in Berlinale- Competition 2014.